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 This site is dedicated to the ongoing research undertaken by Dr. Brian Hampson and Professor Chris Pollitt.

The Australian Brumby Research Unit (ABRU) was established with the aim of investigating the feral horses of Australia and applying the findings to improve foot health of the domestic horse.

In undertaking his PhD thesis in 2011, Brian worked as a member of ABRU and the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland. The ABRU is attached to the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit which is headed by world renowned equine foot researcher, Professor Chris Pollitt BVSc PhD.

Research Activities

The abstract of Brian’s PhD - Effects of environment on the Feral Horse Hoof provides a short summary of the aim of the study and the full PhD is also available and can be purchased for a cost of $50 AU.

Apart from the publication of the PhD, there have been many research papers and conference presentations around the world.  

Staying Up to Date

Brian regularly:

  • Posts updates from research being undertaken by the Australian Brumby Research Unit and any new publications in the form of a newsletter. You can register now to receive a reminder e-mail as material is posted or become part of the newsletter mail out list.
  • Updates a networking database of people holding various skills and knowledge about the management of horses. If you feel you have something to contribute you may like to add your name to this networking database.







Brumby Tours






Brian is also tour manager of Brumby Safaris, which takes groups and individuals on tours into the desert country of Central Australia - home of the Australian Brumby.

If you, or a group of friends or colleagues, would like to experience first hand a Brumby Safari in the environment where the Australian brumbies roam down under, then contact Brian for further information.



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